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Cordini Periodontics and Implants Blog

5 Interesting Facts About Dental Implants You Probably Didn’t Know

May 1, 2022

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Model of dental implants.

Dental implants are in a class of their own when it comes to replacing missing teeth! But even with roughly half a million people receiving them annually, there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding this awesome treatment option. Here are five interesting, little-known facts about dental implants that you should know about.


What to Know About Eating & Drinking After TeethXpress Surgery

April 19, 2022

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woman drinking green juice

Teeth Xpress is a comprehensive tooth replacement option that helps you regain the full form and function of your smile with secure dental implants. While the procedure itself takes place in a single day, your recovery time may be a bit longer. Keep reading to learn what you should eat and drink in the days and weeks following your Teeth Xpress surgery. 


5 Reasons to Choose Laser Gum Recontouring

February 15, 2022

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Woman undergoing laser gum recontouringYour teeth aren’t the only aspect of a beautiful smile. Your gums are equally important. Unfortunately, genetics, trauma, and other issues can cause an uneven gum line, which can make your smile look unbalanced. Whether you have a “gummy smile” or inflamed tissue, you can enjoy the benefits of gum recontouring. Here are 5 reasons to invest in a better gum line using the advanced procedure.


Do Receded Gums Grow Back?

January 14, 2022

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man looking at his gums in the mirror

When you hear the term “oral health,” your teeth are probably the first thing to come to mind. But did you know that your gums play an equally important role? If you don’t take good care of your gums with proper oral hygiene, they could become infected to the point where they pull away from your teeth. Has this already happened to you? If so, you might be wondering if receded gums grow back. Keep reading to learn the answer!


Is Gingivitis Contagious?

August 22, 2021

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Woman kissing a baby Tooth decay isn’t the only threat to your oral health. As the leading cause of tooth loss, gum disease is equally devastating. Although good oral hygiene habits can prevent the infection, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates at least 50% of adults have a stage of gum disease, like gingivitis. It’s caused by bacteria found in plaque and tartar buildup. While you might believe bleeding or swollen gums aren’t alarming, your smile isn’t the only thing at risk. The infection can spread through saliva, which means it is contagious. Here’s what you need to know before puckering up for a kiss or sharing a drink.


Gum Disease Can Affect Your Facial Structure

August 14, 2021

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Model of advanced gum diseaseYour teeth are important for more than just biting and chewing. They also influence your facial features, but did you know your gums are equally important? Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates at least 50% of people have gum disease. As the leading cause of tooth loss, the infection can wreak havoc on your dental health, which can change the way you look on the outside. Here’s what you need to know about gum disease and facial shape to conquer the infection.


Does Gum Disease Go Away After a Tooth Extraction?

July 15, 2021

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Model of teeth that have come loose due to gum disease

You’ve been battling with gum disease for a while now, and your periodontist has told you that it’s gotten to the point where a tooth extraction has to be performed. Will having your teeth removed really help treat your gums? And why is the procedure even necessary in the first place? Understanding the answers to these questions will go a long way towards helping you feel in control of your situation even while dealing with a serious oral health issue.


Gingivitis vs. Periodontitis — What’s the Difference?

June 20, 2021

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Chart showing the different stages of gum disease

Gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum disease — these words get used frequently in conversations about dentistry and oral health. It can be easy to get confused, especially since they are all used in reference to gum health, and often with similar connotations. Let’s take a moment to clear things up. Gum disease is a general term that can refer to either gingivitis or periodontitis, which are terms that define how severe the gum disease is. Let’s talk about some of the key differences between these conditions.


Welcome to Our Blog!

May 28, 2021

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Welcome to our new blog! We are excited you’re here. While our entire website is designed to help you get to know our team, learn what we are all about, and explore our patient-centric dental services, we wanted to create a specific space dedicated to everything from trends in the world of dentistry to team updates. That way, you have a reliable, consistent, informative resource at your fingertips any time of the day or night. Until then, we encourage you to keep reading to learn a little more about Cordini Periodontics and Implants!